How to Find Out What Type of Saddle You Have


Identifying saddles can be somewhat tricky, but a little bit of knowledge and some researching effort can go a long ways towards helping you figure out exactly what type of saddle you own.

Manufacturer Labels

Many saddles have identifying information stamped into the leather or engraved on plates, which have been attached to the saddle. Examine the front left corner of your saddle carefully. Look at the leather strap holder that is attached to the front skirt and the fender. The saddle manufacturer's name or logo may be located in these places, along with a model or serial number for the saddle itself.

If you can locate this information, you can either call the manufacturer and request information about the saddle or you can research the saddle online. Either way, you likely will turn up a fair bit of information about the saddle in your possession.


    • If the saddle's manufacturer isn't located at the left front of the saddle, look for an identifying mark on the front of the seat, on the conchos or screws that hold the saddle together, on the back skirt of the saddle or on the cantle of the saddle.
    • If there is a brand on your saddle but you cannot identify it, reach out to the equine community. There are a number of online groups and forums for tack enthusiasts. Members of these groups can help you track down additional information about your saddle and may be able to point you in the direction of an expert who would know more about the brand.  

Unmarked Saddles

Unmarked saddles can be tricky or impossible to identify. Some of these saddles are antiques or were handmade by an individual. If you believe this is the case for your saddle, your best bet for identifying its origins is to find an expert in your area and have it evaluated. Experts can be found online, through companies that offer professional saddle-fitting or custom saddle-making services and even through word of mouth in your local horse community.

It is worth noting that most of the unmarked saddles floating around in today's market are low quality, mass-produced items that are sold cheaply through a variety of low-end retailers. You can take these items to an expert for identification if you like, but you may not receive very much detailed information about the saddle other than being told that it is a mass-produced item. Many of these saddles originate from Mexico or India.


  • Knowing the purpose of your saddle will make it somewhat easier to narrow down its origins and learn more about it. If you don't know what type of saddle you have, meaning you don't even know what discipline it was intended for use in, examine the saddle closely and compare it to others that are similar until you can determine its use. The easiest way to do this is by going online and comparing items for sale to the one you have at home.

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