How to Earn One Million in "Mabinogi"


"Mabinogi" is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the PC developed in South Korea and released worldwide. As with most other video games, many items, skills and services require in-game gold for purchase before they can be used. Gold can be earned through quests, selling items, defeating monsters and taking part-time jobs (special quests available for a specific time). Earning one million gold in "Mabinogi" takes some time, but the variety of ways to do it should stave off boredom.

  • Kill monsters. The easiest way to earn gold is to kill monsters. The higher level the monster the greater the amount of gold dropped. Earning gold in this fashion can be greatly sped up by increasing the character's offensive attributes, until monsters can be defeated in one or two hits.

  • Collect items and fomor scrolls. In addition to gold, monsters also drop items, which can be sold to vendors, and fomor scrolls. Collect ten of these scrolls, and you can exchange them for gold through a Fomor Quest. The stronger the monster, the greater the value of the scroll. Numerous NPCs offer these quests.

  • Run dungeons. Dungeons are a good place to find monsters. While the gold dropped from dungeon monsters isn't always great, the monsters will drop valuable scrolls.

  • Complete the part-time job quests. Certain NPCs will offer part-time jobs during specific times of the day. Click on "Part-Time Job" and accept the quests. The quests vary from courier quests to making clothing to fetching items. Complete the quests to obtain rewards, including gold.

  • Collect and sell everything that you don't need. Whenever possible, sell items to other players; they will offer more money than the vendors. Similarly, browse other people's merchant items for low prices and then purchase and sell them for higher prices.

  • Complete quests. One of the easiest ways to make money in the game, although limited by the number of quests available and the occasional difficulty, is to complete quests. Quests reward greater amounts of gold for the higher difficulty level of the quest completed.

  • Collect small gems to make into bigger gems. Collect 5 of a specific type of small gem to trade for a higher gem which has greater value.

  • Obtain and sell elementals. Having the correct wand for the various Sprite monsters (ie: a lightning wand for a lightning Sprite) enables the "Extract" option. Only one elemental can be gathered per Sprite, but they get only one second to obtain and can be sold to players or vendors or collected into Mass Elementals by using Quest Scrolls obtainable from various NPCs.

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