How to Find My Astrological Marriage Sign


Astrology is used to understand the mysteries of personality and to predict the future, but one of the most intriguing uses of astrology is determining compatibility (known as synastry). Synastry can help show whether two people will be magnetically drawn to each other, have a harmonious connection or clash. Although calculating astrological compatibility can be a complicated and lengthy process, there are some shorthand methods for determining which zodiac sign will be the fit best for you in a marriage.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture of the zodiac
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Birth chart
  • Determine your sun sign by either looking up the general monthly dates or accessing your birth chart on the Internet (which can be done on most astrology websites). Enter the month, day, year and exact time of your birth as well as the exact location to get the most accurate information regarding your astrological chart. Using this approach is especially wise if you are on the cusp between two signs so that you can determine which is your true sun sign.

  • Using the picture of the zodiac, locate your sun sign and count two signs forward from it and write down the sign you land on. Then jump back to your sun sign and count two signs backward from it, noting the name of the sign. For example, if your sun sign is in Libra, you would write down Sagittarius and Leo in this section. These two signs represent positions that are in sextile with your sun, meaning that you should have a harmonious connection and similar communication styles. These are potential marriage signs.

  • Locate your sun sign again, but this time count four signs forward and four signs backward. Write down the names of the signs you land on. If your sun sign is Libra, you should arrive at Aquarius and Gemini. The aspect that these signs create with your sun is called a trine, which indicates that your emotional styles are similar enough for you to be extremely compatible, yet different enough to keep you entertained. Many astrologers consider this to be the ideal aspect between two sun signs for marriage.

  • Take a look at your birth chart and locate your descendant and your north node and note the signs that they are in. When your descendant or north node is in conjunction (in the same sign and within 10 degrees) with a partner's sun sign, this is one of the greatest indications that the relationship will become a marriage. That means that if your descendant is in Gemini and your north node is in Taurus, you could partner very well with a person whose sun is in Gemini or Taurus.

  • Locate your Venus, Moon and Ascendant signs on your birth chart and note them on a piece of paper. When your Venus, Moon or Ascendant is in conjunction with a partner's sun sign, it is a very good indication that the relationship could turn into a marriage. If your Venus is in Scorpio, your Moon is in Capricorn and your Ascendant is in Sagittarius, it means that you could be very compatible with a partner whose sun is in Scorpio, Capricorn or Sagittarius.

  • Look through your notes and see if there is a partner sun sign that has come up more than once. More than one aspect pointing to the same sun sign is a very good indication that this could be your astrological marriage sign. In the above example, Sagittarius and Gemini would both be good choices for marriage signs because they both came up more than once as strong indicators of compatibility.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't obsess over a lack of astrological compatibility in a current relationship if things are otherwise going well.


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