How to Dissolve Urea in Water


Urea is a organic compound originally discovered by Friedrich Wohler in 1828. The discovery of the compound led to the study of organic chemistry. Urea is found in the urine or uric acid of most living organisms, and is written as chemical formula (NH2)2CO. This compound is highly soluble in water, due to its extensive hydrogen bonding. The diluted solution is excellent for the human body to rid itself of excess nitrogen.

Things You'll Need

  • Scale
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Measure the weight of urea you wish to dissolve in water. Record this number, as you will need it for determining the amount of water required.

  • Measure enough water so its weight is equal to the weight of the urea you want to dissolve. Urea is difficult to dissolve when too little water is present, and it will be too diluted if too much water is used.

  • Pour the water into the graduated cylinder, then add the urea. You may want to stir the solution to make sure you fully dissolve all of the urea.


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