How to Draw a "C" in Graffiti

Graffiti-style letters provide a more interesting visual experience than traditional letters. Because there are many graffiti styles, there is no one way to draw a graffiti letter. You can make a "C" short and fat, long and thin, curved or square. In general, graffiti letters are wider, blockier and more colorful than traditional letters, which tend to be thin and curved. You can draw graffiti letters on paper or in a digital form.

Things You'll Need

  • Colored markers
  • Pencil
  • Pen


    • 1

      Place a piece of paper on a table. Draw a basic letter "C" using a pencil.

    • 2

      Extend the end of the line to add a shape at the end of the "C." For example, you may draw a square at the top of the "C." The square would go from the tip of the "C" and move toward the right.

    • 3

      Draw a shape at the bottom of the "C."

    • 4

      Place your pencil at the end of the shape at the top of the "C" and draw a line to the bottom of the "C." Look at your letter and determine if you want it to be the base for your graffiti letter. If you are unsatisfied with your letter, draw it again. This time, draw the original "C" with an unusual shape. You may make it more curved or blockier, elongate or shorten it or add extra turns to it.

    • 5

      Outline the "C" with a dark pen. Place a clean sheet of paper over it and trace the shape with a colored marker.

    • 6

      Color in the letter using several colors of marker. There is no wrong way to color a graffiti letter, but popular styles include creating a bold outline and coloring the inside one hue, coloring using clean lines or coloring several blocks of different hues.

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