How to Service a Hayward DE6020 Filter


The Hayward DE 6020 is an in-ground swimming pool filter that utilizes diatomaceous earth as the filter media to clean the water. Diatomaceous earth consists of porous granules which allow water to pass through microscopic openings, but filter dirt, debris and other impurities. The DE 6020 incorporates filter elements that are coated with diatomaceous earth material and must be periodically backwashed, rinsed and re-coated with fresh material.

Things You'll Need

  • Open-end wrenches
  • Garden hose
  • 7.5 pounds diatomaceous filter material

Backwashing the Filter

  • Turn off the pool circulation pump and set the filter control valve on the side of the DE 6020 to "Backwash."

  • Turn on the pool circulation pump and backwash for two minutes or until the water coming out of the waste pipe appears clear.

  • Turn off the pool circulation pump and set the filter control valve to "Rinse."

  • Turn on the pool circulation pump and rinse for approximately 20 seconds.

  • Turn off the pool circulation pump. Perform the re-coating procedure below to coat the filter element with fresh diatomaceous earth.

Manual Fliter Cleaning

  • Turn off all circulation pumps and close all valves leading to or from the pool. Open the air relief valve and remove the filter drain plug.

  • Remove the filter clamp nut using a 3/4-inch open-end wrench, and remove the clamp bolt. Remove the filter clamp.

  • Lift the upper filter body off the lower body. Do not lift by holding the pressure gauge.

  • Lift the collector manifold off the top of the filter element. Rinse the filter element with a garden hose while it is still installed in the lower filter body.

  • Rock the filter element gently to dislodge it and use the handles on top of the filter element to hoist it out of the filter body.

  • Rinse the filter element inside and out with a garden hose. Brush the filter element surfaces to remove remaining diatomaceous earth or filtered impurities from the filter element.

  • Clean the seal ring and the seal surface between the upper and lower filter bodies with a clean cloth. Reinstall the filter element into the lower filter body. Install the collector manifold on top of the filter element and be sure the manifold outlet pipe fits over the outlet elbow O-ring.

  • Install the seal on the lower filter body and fit the upper filter body in place. Replace the clamp around the upper and lower filter bodies and tighten with a 3/4-inch end wrench. Reinstall the filter drain plug and tighten.

Re-coating Procedure

  • Open all valves leading to and from the pool. Open the manual air relief valve on top of the filter body.

  • Stand away from the filter, turn on the pool circulation pump and run the pump until all air has been bled from the filter and a steady stream of water is discharged from the air relief valve. Close the air relief valve.

  • Pour 7.5 pounds of fresh diatomaceous earth material into one of the pool skimmers as fast as the inlet will take it without clogging.

  • Record the reading on the filter pressure gauge after the filter is coated and store for future use. When the pressure reading on the filter rises 8 to 10 psi above this reading, it's time to backwash and re-coat the filter again.

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