How to Connect a GL2 to a Mac Computer


The Canon GL2 camcorder is compatible with both Mac and PC computers, and connects via FireWire-type connections for video transfer and USB for still pictures. Like most modern plug-and-play devices, the computer will automatically recognize the GL2 and activate the drivers upon connection. Although the Canon GL2 is designed to operate across Mac and PC computer platforms with all major video software and current operating systems, it is recommended you check your software user guide or reputable GL2 web forums to determine compatibility with your equipment.

Canon GL2 Video Connection

  • Ensure that the computer and camcorder power are turned off. This is not always essential, but it may help with connection problems with some systems and software, especially when connecting the GL2 for the first time.

  • Open the plastic flap to the right of the Canon GL2 viewfinder to expose the connection jacks.

  • Locate the third jack from the top, labeled "DV In/Out." Insert a standard IEEE 1394 FireWire-type cable. These cables are available at any electronics store. They will be labeled with the cable designation on the package.

  • Insert the other end of the FireWire cable into the Mac's FireWire jack. The location of the FireWire jack will vary with your Mac model.

  • Turn the computer on followed by the camcorder. A device dialog box may appear, stating that the camcorder drivers have been installed. It is ready for use.

  • Open the video software. Consult the "Help" menu or owner's guide to perform the camcorder video functions desired.

Canon GL2 Photo Connection

  • Turn the computer and camcorder to off, open the GL2 jack cover and locate the USB jack. The USB jack is the second from the top, labeled with the universal USB "trident" symbol.

  • Insert the small end of a standard IFC-300PCU USB cable into the camcorder jack and the larger end into the Mac's USB port. The USB port location will vary with the Mac model used, and the cable can be found in any electronics retailer.

  • Turn the computer and camcorder power "On." Open your photo or video software.

  • Select the location of your photos on the camera. Use the "Tape/Card" switch to the right of the viewfinder. The GL2 allows the option of storing photos on MiniDV tape or SD card when they are taken. Using the switch directs the software to the storage media originally used to capture the photos.

  • Consult the software's "Help" menu or user guide to download photographs taken with the GL2.

Tips & Warnings

  • Depending on the desired operation, the Canon GL2 power switch must be set to either "Play (VCR)" for file transfer, or "Camera" for live video or photo capture.
  • Don't disconnect cables or power off any equipment during video or photo transfer or file problems on the computer may occur.
  • Use wall power for the camcorder rather than the battery to eliminate possible file transfer issues if battery power runs low.

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