How to Draw Japanese Women


A Japanese woman can be identified by her Asian style facial features and darker skin tone. The challenge in illustrating Japanese women therefore lies with perfecting the shape and contours of these features. Practice drawing the face of Japanese women using a series of guidelines ---- these can direct you and help you proportion the face correctly so that it looks realistic.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Draw an oval on your paper. Japanese and Asian women have rounded faces, rather than longer or squarer shapes of other nationalities. Taper the oval inward so the chin is slightly pointed while keeping the jaw curved.

  • Sketch a grid over the oval. This consists of a cross positioned across directly on top of the face to indicate where the features are to be placed.

  • Place a dot on either side of the crosses intersection to mark where the eyes are to be drawn. The dots should be slightly farther apart than a Western face, because Japanese women's eyes have a greater distance between them.

  • Sketch the shape of the eye around each dot. Draw a shallow curve, pointing toward the nose for the top of the eye. The top of the eye is flattened, while the curve drops almost vertically parallel to the nose.

  • Add a large circle within the eye and another inside for the pupil. Shade the inner circle in using a hatching technique. This consists of a series of layered parallel lines moving in the same direction ---- follow the curve of the circle to do this. You will create a striking darkness in the pupil of the eye.

  • Shade a small crease above each eye that is parallel to the upper curve of the eye. Japanese shaped eyes are not inset as much as Western women, and you can show this simply by smudging a light line of pencil above each eye.

  • Pencil in the eyebrow. This is a thin curve created from a number of thin pencil strokes. Keep them ragged to represent an eyebrow. Its thinness is indicative of being Japanese.

  • Sketch the Japanese woman's nose. It is flatter and less protruding compared to a Western nose. Achieve this by draw an elongated 'S' shape horizontally half way down the veritcal axis of the cross, below the intersection. Add shading in the indentations of the line to show where the nostrils are. Build up shade around the nose by adding soft pencil smudges.

  • Complete the image by drawing the woman's lips. These are not markedly different from other lips, so simply add two tapering sausage shapes on top of one another. Give the lips depth by adding curved lines along their length to show dimension. Shade at the corners of the lips to add further depth of perspective.


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