Remington Power Hammer Instructions


The Remington Power Hammer Model 476 uses low-velocity .22 caliber cartridges to drive fasteners into steel, concrete and masonry. The hammer is designed to operate with .22 caliber crimped Remington Powder Loads Type A. It can drive Remington Power Fasteners up to 2-1/2-inches long. Penetration in concrete is between one inch and 1.25 inches. In steel, the fastener must fully penetrate the material, with recommended steel applications in the 3/16-inch to 5/16-inch range.


  • Insert the fastener into the end of the muzzle of the Power Hammer, with the round metal head first. Continue to push the fastener into the muzzle until its point is even with the end of the muzzle.

  • Open the chamber by pulling forward on the muzzle until it reaches its limit.

  • Hold the muzzle down and away from you. Insert a Remington Powder Load of the appropriate power rating into the chamber.

  • Push the barrel down into the hammer housing until it stops, and hold it there.


  • Hold the muzzle of the Power Hammer flush against the surface of the working material at a 90-degree angle. Do not tilt it.

  • Hold the grip of the muzzle with one hand and push down to compress the spring. The groove etched on the barrel must align with the groove on the housing before the Power Hammer will operate correctly.

  • Hit the firing pin at the top of the hammer with a one-pound hammer using a strong, sharp blow. If the Power Hammer does not fire, wait thirty seconds, then eject the Powder Load and repeat the loading/firing procedure.

  • Remove the tool from the surface of the material after firing. Pull the barrel forward rapidly to eject the spent Powder Load.

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