How to Install a "Torchlight" Mod


"Torchlight" and "Torchlight II" both allow players to modify the game, though both have different ways to do this. The first game will require third-party websites and digging into your installation files. The second, however, takes advantage of the Steam Workshop.

Third-Party Mods

  • Locate a modding community. The two commonly used sites for "Torchlight" mods are the Runic Games Fansite and ModDB (see Resources).

  • Download a mod in the selected category. For example, the Classes category features GenderMod, permitting heavy-armor female protagonists. You can also install higher-detail textures.

  • Open the game's "mods" folder, located at the following path: C:/Users/YourPCusername/AppData/Roaming/runic games/torchlight/mods. This is the same path whether you own the game from Runic's website, GOG or Steam.

  • Extract the downloaded archive within this folder. Depending on the mod, you may have to perform additional steps. If not, you've finished installing the mod; you can load your game to see its effects immediately.

  • Delete the extracted folder to uninstall a mod from "Torchlight."

Steam Workshop

  • Navigate to the "Torchlight II" community page (see Resources). Switch to the Workshop tab to display all mods available in the game.

  • Click one of the mods you find interesting. For example, some of the top-rated mods of all time include an infinite dungeon, chunkier dungeon generation and support for eight-player multiplayer.

  • Click "Subscribe" to queue the mod for installation. It usually doesn't start downloading right away, especially if you don't have "Torchlight II" installed.

  • Double-click "Torchlight II" in your Steam games list. If it's not installed, click "Next" and "Finish" to begin installation. If it's already installed, this loads the game and queues your subscribed mods for download.

  • Click "Subscribed" on an installed mod's page. This unsubscribes you from the mod, removing the content immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you install or remove a mod with an existing character, you'll get a notification warning you that mods have changed.
  • You may need to close and open the game again to see mods in "Torchlight II."
  • Some mods can conflict with each other. You can try to avoid this by not using two mods that do the same thing; for example, there's no need to try and install two texture-improving mods.
  • Installing a mod shouldn't have a negative effect on an existing character, but removing a major addition could make some save files unstable. For example, it's worth removing all custom items from a character's inventory before removing the mod that added them. You also don't want to stand in the middle of a custom dungeon before deleting it.

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