How to Locate the Inguinal Canal


Students in medical school, as part of their anatomy studies, will likely be asked to locate the inguinal canal on a cadaver. It is found running between the deep inguinal ring to the superficial inguinal ring. It is present in both men and women, although it is larger in men. In both sexes it houses the ilioinguinal nerve. In men, it also transmits the spermatic chord, while in women it supports the round ligament. Due to its larger size, the canal is easier to locate on men.

Things You'll Need

  • Surgical equipment
  • Male cadaver
  • Anatomy guide
  • Visualize what the inguinal canal will look like before performing surgery on the cadaver. It will be about one and a half inches long, in the shape of a six-sided cylinder. View graphics of it in medical texts.

  • Approach the anterior abdominal wall on the cadaver. This is the front of the body.

  • Make an incision above the medial half of inguinal ligament. Have a medical professional, such as a professor, help you locate the proper incision point and supervise the procedure.

  • Locate the scrotum and gain access to it, removing it from the body if necessary. Dissect the scrotum in half, lengthwise.

  • Remove the superficial layers to the cremaster. The inguinal canal will be visible running through the tunica vaginalis, as well as other parts of the scrotum.

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