How to Get Started Being a Beachbody Coach

As an independent Beachbody Coach, you make your own hours and work to build a home business.
As an independent Beachbody Coach, you make your own hours and work to build a home business. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Get started as a Beachbody Coach and help "end the trend" of obesity. Beachbody Coaches are organized as a multi-level marketing business in which each Coach runs their own home business but works as part of a team. As a Beachbody Coach, you are a representative for the company and products. Your primary tasks as a Coach are to share knowledge of the products Beachbody produces, assist customers in choosing home fitness programs and making the most of their health and fitness journey. Beachbody Coaches consider themselves sharing products they use and love as opposed to considering themselves as salespeople selling products. The most successful Coaches start out as customers and make the natural progression to Coach for discounts on their continued purchases and to earn commissions since they are already sharing the products with people they talk to every day.

Customer to Coach

Become a Beachbody Customer. Beachbody Customers tend to be more successful as Coaches than people who are not customers but join as a Coach anyway. Solid knowledge of the products, which are primarily home fitness programs and nutritionals, is a must in the Coach business. This knowledge comes more naturally from Coaches who actually use the home workout programs and nutritionals.

Talk with your assigned Beachbody Coach. When you become a customer through purchasing workout programs or nutritonals, you are automatically assigned to a Beachbody Coach who will provide information and guidance as needed. When you sign up to become a Beachbody Coach, you will automatically join your Coach's Team unless you decide in advance to join with another Coach. For this reason, it's important to talk with your Coach to determine if you are compatible or if you would prefer to find another Coach to work with.

Upgrade your Team Beachbody Free Membership to a Club Membership. Log in to your Team Beachbody account and go to "My Account" at the top of the web page. Upgrade the account to a Club Membership, which is $2.99 per week, billed quarterly. Your account must be a Club Member account in order to advance as a Coach and build a successful business.

Log your workouts into the WOWY Supergym. WOWY stands for "Work Out With You" and is Beachbody's online "gym" where customers, club members and Coaches log their daily workouts. In order to advance as a Coach, you must first be a Club Membe. Second, you must log in a minimum of eight workouts a month. The Club Membership and WOWY log ins are less important if you only plan to earn the occasional commission as a Coach and not build your business.

Log in to Team Beachbody and choose "Coach" from the top menu. Sign up as a Beachbody Coach. The sign-up form requires a Social Security Number for tax and citizenship purposes, and to sign up as a Coach you are required to pay $39.99 for your "Get Started Right" Coach kit. Each month, you will be billed automatically for your Coach Membership, about $15, which covers the cost of your two Coach websites and online back-office.

Make a purchase at least once every five weeks that earns you a minimum of 50 personal points (PVs). As a Coach, you must have 50 points or more from your own purchases every five-week period in order to remain "active" in your business. Most Coaches maintain 90 PVs by getting on Shakeology Home Direct, where Shakeology is shipped once a month, earning the Coach 90PVs.

Explore your online back-office for Coach tools. Tools include customizing your Coach websites, product training guides so you can learn about the products you're unfamiliar or less-familiar with, web logos and HTML code for your personal website and other tools that your Coach will explain to you when you get started.

Non-Customer to Coach

Browse social networking sites, Team Beachbody or simply search for personal websites of current Beachbody Coaches. The easiest way to join when completely new to Beachbody is to find a Coach to join with first. Otherwise, you simply will be randomly assigned to a Coach, and this can be problematic for some.

Contact a Beachbody Coach with questions. You might have to contact several Coaches before finding one you like and are comfortable talking with. Some Coaches are extremely pushy, while others are more relaxed and only recruit new Coaches who are truly interested in joining the business.

Sign up as a Coach through the desired Coach's website. If unsure how to do this, talk to that Coach, and s/he will gladly direct you to the proper site to get you started. Some Coaches provide their Team members with additional tools to help them get started and offer personal guidance, but this is not a requirement.

Log in to Team Beachbody and go to your new online back-office to explore the business you are starting. In the online back-office, you will find all the product training guides as well as other tools to help you build as a Coach. You will eventually need to join Team Beachbody with a Club Membership if you wish to advance in rank as a Coach and earn more money as well as Team Cycle Bonuses.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are joining Beachbody as a Coach but not yet a customer, it's highly recommended that you become a customer as soon as possible. Most people you speak with will be able to tell immediately if you are being insincere or if you are not actively using products you're selling, and the best Coaches who earn the most money are customers who continue to use Beachbody fitness programs and nutritionals daily.
  • Not every Coach treats their Coach Business as a "business," and some can put people off by giving the impression they are simply mass recruiting. Beachbody Coaching is a business opportunity and should not be confused with negative MLM (multi-level marketing) scams or pyramid schemes. The products come with a 100 percent money-back guaranteey, and Beachbody LLC has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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