How to Get Rid of Rollie Pollies From the Garden


The names doodle bug and rollie pollie frequently are used to describe the pill or sow bug. Small and oval in shape, the rollie pollie is reputed to be a distant relative of the shrimp, according to the Organic Springtime website. Rollie pollie insects get their name from the tight ball-shape they assume when bothered. Rollie pollies are beneficial, as they help to break down ground litter into compost. They also tend to feast on tender plant shoots and fruits in a garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Garbage bag
  • Corn cob
  • Cantaloupe
  • Determine if the damage caused to tender young vegetation and fruits in the garden is the result of rollie pollie activity. Look under rocks, leaves and other clutter to identify the small, oval insects.

  • Remove with gloved hands any rocks, leaves, boards and other potential hiding places for rollie pollies. Gather clutter and debris in a garbage bag and dispose it of properly.

  • Monitor the application of water to the garden. Avoid saturating garden plants to the point that water collects and the garden remains too moist.

  • Place corn cobs and pieces of cantaloupe melon in the garden to attract feeding rollie pollies.

  • Allow the cobs or melon to sit overnight. Remove the cobs or melon with the feeding rollie pollies to another location away from the garden. Place more corn cobs and melon pieces as bait in the garden on an ongoing basis to trap the rollie pollies.

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