How Can I Convince My Husband to Let Me Get a Puppy?


Getting a puppy is a big commitment for a married couple, and is a decision that should include both parties carefully weighing the pros and cons of pet ownership. Discuss expectations, responsibilities and feelings about the long-term nature of raising a dog.

Make Your Case

Bring your husband over to your way of thinking by giving him an overview of why you want a puppy. Include things you think would be attractive to him as well. For example, talk about how you could go on hikes or exercise more with a dog and discuss ways in which a puppy would expand your social circle or otherwise enrich your lives. If you have kids, bring up ways in which pet ownership teaches responsibility and compassion. If you don’t have kids, mention the ways in which a puppy can help you prepare for parenthood, such as working a schedule around a creature that’s dependent on you. If your husband's a workaholic, mention how the puppy could provide companionship for you.

Address Concerns

If you’re trying to convince your husband to get a puppy, you likely know his objections, and should prepare thoughtful arguments that counter his points. For example, if he’s concerned about cost, discuss low or no-cost spay and neuter programs and explain how you’d alter your budget to afford other necessities. If he’s worried about your ability to travel, point out the doggy hotels or dog-walkers in your area that could care for your pup -- or tell him about the many hotels and motels that welcome pets. If your husband objects to a puppy because of the time and energy required to properly care for him, volunteer to take on the bulk of the work yourself.


  • Research the lifetime cost of owning a dog, including food, supplies and vet visits, so you have an accurate figure to discuss.

Become a Foster Parent

Ask your husband to consider a trial run as a foster parent for a puppy. Many rescues and shelters that are overcrowded appreciate the help of people who are willing to take a dog into their home for a temporary period until space or a permanent home becomes available. This would give you both a real-life look at pet ownership while helping an animal in need. Another similar option is to pet sit for a friend and get a feel for how having a dog around 24 hours a day would feel.


  • Pet ownership isn’t for everyone, and if your husband isn’t fully on board, getting a puppy could create problems in your marriage that are neither good for you, or your dog.

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