How to Write a Competency Statement


Competency statements are used to highlight your specific skills when applying for a job. They may be included as part of a resume, or in some cases they may be part of a job application form. A competency statement is a way to highlight skills that you have acquired from different jobs and from nonwork experiences. When writing a competency statement, you should make sure to format it correctly by following a simple writing procedure.

  • Review the job description for the position to which you are applying. The job description should highlight the competencies that the employer is looking for in a potential employee. Use these as a starting point to think of how they relate to your own competencies.

  • Write down each of your competencies as a heading. For example, if you have developed and maintained budgets for several years, you might write, "Capable of Developing and Maintaining Budgets" as your heading.

  • Elaborate on each competency below the heading. You should do this by providing examples of your competency from your previous experiences. For example, if you say that your competency is marketing, you might give examples of marketing campaigns that you have been involved with and explain what your role was.

  • Complete each competency by explaining the outcome of your experiences. For example, if you say that you are experienced in managing projects, explain those projects and elaborate on the results of your management. Provide details about specific accomplishments wherever possible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to write your competency statement in the first person and to use action verbs. For example, write, "I developed new software applications as part of my job," not "job required the development of software applications."

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