How to Make Something More Black Using Photoshop

If the day you took your photograph was not the "dark and stormy night" you wanted it to be, do not let your work go to waste. A graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop can help darken just about any image with a couple of clicks of its adjustment tools. Add black spot effects or darken the degree of light of an entire image with Photoshop's robust editing tools.


    • 1

      Open Photoshop. Click the "File" menu. Click "Open." Browse to the desired picture and double-click the file name.

    • 2

      Click the "Image" menu. Select "Adjustments" and click "Levels." Drag the "Levels" window off the picture so you can see both the image and the "Levels" window.

    • 3

      Slide the white triangle under the "Output Levels" section to the left until the image blackens to the desired degree.

    • 4

      Slide the black triangle under the "Input Levels" section to the right to make the contrast darker. Click the "OK" button when satisfied or "Cancel" to revert to the original image colors.

    • 5

      Change the blackness of just a part of the picture by clicking the "Lasso" tool on the "Tools" palette. Draw an outline around the part of the image to darken. Repeat the "Levels" window process to make just that part of the picture blacker.

    • 6

      Click the "File" menu. Click "Save As." Rename the picture to protect the original and click the "Save" button.

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