How to Convert MMHG to ATM


Pressure, like many other physical properties, is measured through a myriad of units. Two such units are the millimeter of mercury (mmHg) and the standard atmosphere (atm). A millimeter of mercury, also known as a torr, is based on the vertical movement inside of a mercury barometer. According to, one standard atmosphere measures the pressure found at sea level. You can convert pressure measured in mmHg to an equivalent measurement in atm through a known conversion factor between the two units.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator
  • Obtain a pressure measurement in millimeters in mercury. For this example, let the pressure measure 15,000 mmHg.

  • Divide the pressure in millimeters in mercury by 760 to convert it to standard atmospheres. In this example, dividing 15,000 mmHg by 760 converts to approximately 19.737 atm.

  • Check your answer at an online conversion website like Convert Units (see Resources). Enter the number of millimeters of mercury next to the "mmHg" prompt and click "Convert!" The equivalent measurement in standard atmospheres will appear in the given space below.


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