How to Evict Rats From the Attic


Rats in a home attic lead to destroyed property, bad odors and disease. Attics are warm, dry and seldom used, giving rats free reign of the area. Roof rats are the most common attic dwellers. They travel into the attic by running along wires, tree branches and climbing trellises. The rats squeeze through cracks and holes in attics. Rats multiply rapidly and quickly become a pest. Evict rats by converting the attic into an undesirable location.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Sealant
  • Traps
  • Nuts
  • Clean the attic and surrounding area, including the eaves and roof. Remove any debris, piles of wood, leaves and clutter. Organize the attic so everything is put away in its place. Keep items up off the floor, and in dressers or other containers. Do not store food in the attic, and use tight-sealing containers for any pet food that is stored outside.

  • Remove or thin vegetation that is close to the house and roof. Cut tree branches that spread out near the house, and remove any trellises with vines. This type of vegetation works as a bridge for rats, allowing them access to the attic.

  • Seal all openings in the attic with the appropriate sealant. Boards, caulk and silicone sealant work to fill empty spaces. Use screens in the windows. Add sealant around wires and pipes.

  • Trap rats using bait traps or cage traps. Cage traps work best indoors, so rats do not consume poisoned bait and die in the walls. Use nuts, bacon or dried fruit to entice rats into cages. Set traps in sheltered areas that rats are likely to visit. Set them where rat droppings are visible, if possible.

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