How to Make a Fantail Goldfish Grow Bigger

Fantail goldfish are curious, playful and sociable fish who are entertaining to watch.
Fantail goldfish are curious, playful and sociable fish who are entertaining to watch. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Fantail goldfish are both robust and pretty fish. They are fairly easy to look after, having a wide range of acceptable living conditions, which makes them a good choice for those who are relatively new to fish keeping. They are also very attractive fish, coming in a range of oranges, all featuring split fins and their namesake tails, which from behind looks like a beautiful fan. Fantail goldfish are typically bought quite small as they are sold young, but with the right care they can grow into a medium-sized fish.

Things You'll Need

  • Aquarium thermometer
  • Fish food
  • Water treatment
  • Aquarium pH test strips

Check the health of your fish. Your fish should not display any drooping fins, and should look alert and bright. They should appear to be swimming well, and not swim on their sides or upside down.

Monitor the temperature of your aquarium. Fantail goldfish prefer temperatures between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit, or 18 to 23 Celsius. While the fish can live in temperatures warmer or colder than this without showing signs of ill health, keeping them in their preferred temperatures will help them thrive.

Keep the fish in a community tank. Fantail goldfish are sociable fish, who will thrive when with other fish. A group of three is considered to be enough, although fantails may often prefer a larger group if you have the space. Fantail goldfish can also be kept with other types of fish, although it can take some research to find which fish are suitable.

Feed the fish good quality food. Fantail goldfish can be fed pellets or flakes. Look for a variety that contains a high amount of vegetables. The ingredients can be found on the bottom of the packaging, with the most used ingredients listed first. There are specialty goldfish foods available for fantails, which contain ingredients to help them grow and to make their coloring more vibrant.

Ensure you feed the goldfish the right amount of food. This varies by food, so check how much you need to give per goldfish. If your fantails aren’t getting enough food, their growth may be stunted. Usually, manufacturers recommend a small pinch of food per fish.

Keep your aquarium well maintained. Create a routine where you change ¼ of the water, clean the filter and check your aquariums pH levels. This will keep the aquarium as healthy as possible, to prevent bacteria or illnesses from affecting your fantails.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always seek medical attention if you feel your fantail goldfish may be sick. Vet fees for fish are usually reasonable, and illnesses can stunt fish growth. You may also be able to get advice from trained staff in a pet shop where over-the-counter fish treatments are available.

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