How to Make a 5 String Braid


Most people are familiar with and only use the method of braiding involving only three strings. If you are making a homemade rope or a friendship bracelet, try using five strings instead of just three. Using five strings will make the finished project wider, stronger and give it a slightly different look than a three-string braid. Braiding with five strings is not complicated and not much different from using three strings, but you will need to pay close attention to your work and follow the correct instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • String
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Clip board or
  • Safety pin
  • Measure and cut five strings to the same length and gather them together with the ends aligned. Attach them at the top by tying them together in an overhand knot. If you are making a bracelet or something that will need to be attached to something else at the end, leave about 2 inches between the ends of the string and the knot.

  • Anchor the knotted end down in a clip board, or with a safety pin pinned to the fabric of your pants or another sturdy fabric surface. Arrange the strings so that there are three on one side and two on the other -- group three and group two.

  • Bring the furthest string in group three over the top so that it crosses over the other strings in the group and place it next to the innermost string in group two. Now the group that was group two is group three and vice versa.

  • Grab the outermost string on the new group three, cross it over the tops of the others, including the first string that you moved, and place it next to the innermost string on the new group two, now making it group three again. Keep repeating the process of alternating between the outermost strings from each side and moving them to the inside until the braid is complete.

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