How to Draw Goku Super Saiyan 4


Akira Toriyama was the original creator and artist of Goku, the main character of "Dragon Ball Z," an anime series produced in Japan. Goku can turn into a Super Saiyan 4, which makes him many times stronger and alters his physical appearance. Goku's hair, body and clothing all change during this transformation, while the "Dragon Ball Z" art style remains the same.

  • Draw a circle for the head and two crossing lines. The first line is drawn from the top of his head to his chin, and this indicates where the front of his head is looking. Draw the second line crossing this first line. This line represents where the eyes will be drawn. The nose is drawn just under this intersection. Draw another circular shape underneath the head to create the upper torso. Create another circle underneath the torso to create the hips. Draw two lines out of the torso to represent where the arms will be drawn. Do this again for the legs. The basic drawing should now be visible.

  • Create the hair on top of the head. Goku's hair is very pointy and forms together in large clumps. The clumps of hair stick straight up and defy gravity. Each "Dragon Ball Z" character has plenty of hair, so don't be afraid to go wild.

  • Draw the face, which includes very angular eyes and a small pointy nose and mouth. Goku has dark lines around his eyes, which make him look tired.

  • Draw Goku's muscular chest, which is very pronounced and covered in thick fur. Draw his arms, which are also covered in fur, bulging with muscles. Each of his muscles will be very pronounced.

  • Draw the clothing on top of Goku. His clothes are baggy and should hang from him loosely. He has a waist sash, boots, a vest and wrist guards.

  • Erase the guide lines and clean up the image to have the last image of Goku in his "Super Saiyan 4" form.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use plenty of reference photos to get an accurate portrayal of Goku.

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