How to Fertilize Queen Palms With Miracle-Gro for Yellow Fronds

Queen palms are fast growing palm trees with single trunks and large feathery fronds. These trees require all of the minor elements in order thrive and produce lush, dark green fronds. Examples of minor elements include iron, manganese, boron and zinc. Palms with iron or manganese deficiencies will produce new growth that is yellow with brown spots. To prevent this from occurring, use Miracle-Gro's shake 'n feed continuous release palm plant food. This fertilizer is blended specifically with the nutrients that queen palms need.

Things You'll Need

  • Miracle-Gro's shake 'n feed continuous release palm plant food
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Garden hose
  • Pruning shears


    • 1

      Purchase Miracle-Gro's shake 'n feed continuous release palm plant food from a local nursery or garden center. Read the label instructions and warnings before applying the fertilizer.

    • 2

      Spread the fertilizer in a ring around the queen palm, 2 feet from the base of the trunk. Apply the fertilizer at a rate of 1 tbsp. for every square foot of canopy area. Use a rake to spread the fertilizer granules evenly over the ground.

    • 3

      Mix the fertilizer into the top 1 to 3inches of soil, using a shovel or hand trowel. Mix the fertilizer as evenly as possible for best results. Use a garden hose or watering can to thoroughly water the area where the fertilizer has been applied.

    • 4

      Re-apply the fertilizer every three months during the spring and summer seasons. Remove any dead fronds with pruning shears. Monitor the queen palm during and between each fertilizer application to determine if the new growth is green in color. This signals that the Miracle-Gro fertilizer is working.

Tips & Warnings

  • Talk to a local extension agent or nursery professional if the new growth is still yellow after one to two applications.
  • Always read fertilizer labels before application to avoid damaging your palm.
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