How to Become a Pilot for KLM


Becoming a pilot is a challenging, long course that requires hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of schooling, not to mention months of flying in regional airlines to build flight hours before becoming a commercial pilot for international airlines like KLM. However, piloting can be a rewarding, successful career that is worth the time and money if you have a passion for aviation. If you're interested in becoming a pilot for the KLM Dutch Airlines, be prepared for a long road of schooling and money ahead of you, but it is possible to achieve.

Things You'll Need

  • Private pilot's license
  • Commercial pilot's license
  • Instrument rating
  • Multi-instrument rating
  • Airline transport license

The Private College Route

  • Attend a four-year flight university that gives you a degree in aerospace engineering along with multiple flight ratings, such instrument rating and multi-instrument rating.

  • Acquire all of the flight ratings and licenses to start your flight track.

  • Join flight groups such as the Civil Air Patrol or private flight corporations that let you get flight hours for free or at a very low cost. You need thousands of hours to be competitive in the international commercial flight industry, so you need to get as many hours as possible for a cheap price.

  • Schedule an interview for a regional airline position. Regional airlines run small jets in-state, with flights never lasting over an hour or so. However, you will get paid for this time, and it's a good way to get the flight hours needed to apply for a position at KLM Airlines.

  • Acquire 1,500 hours under your Airline Transport License. You can then apply for a job at KLM Airlines on the job website and possibly get an interview.

The KLM Academy Route

  • Apply for an EU citizenship if you are an American citizen. Until you receive EU citizenship from the European Union Immigration Corporation, you cannot attend the KLM Academy.

  • Sign up for a position at the KLM Academy. You can either call the academy's Dutch phone number or email the academy.

  • Attend the KLM Academy, receiving all of the ratings and licenses necessary to become a commercial pilot. After you leave the KLM Academy, you will have all of the licenses, along with a couple hundred hours under your Airline Transport License.

  • Apply for a job at KLM Airlines, if they don't ask you for a position with them first. As a student at the KLM Academy, you will be among the finest selection of pilots the KLM Airline company has to pick from, so it's possible that KLM will ask you to apply before you even apply yourself.

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