How to Update Adode Reader

Update the Adobe Reader software on your computer manually or automatically. Two automated update options and one manual option exist. Automatic updates allow the software to access the Internet and update the program. Manual updates are done through the Adobe Reader toolbar. Which update you select is a matter of personal choice. Automatic updates will let the software access the Internet at will. The manual update option gives you control over when Adobe Reader accesses the Internet.


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      Open "Adobe Reader." From the menu at the top of the screen, select "Edit." A drop-down menu appears. Select "Preferences" and choose "Updater."

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      Select "Manual Update" from the "Updater Menu" to opt out of automatic updates. This allows you to control when to search for and install updates.

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      Select "Help" from the toolbar. Choose the "Check for Updates" option to manually update Adobe Reader. The software will tell you if updates are available. To download and install available updates, click "OK" when prompted.

Tips & Warnings

  • Automatic updates are the default selection. This allows your computer to alert you when updates are available.
  • To download and install automatic updates, select "OK" when prompted by a pop-up window on your desktop.
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