How to Make Lemon-Peach Sangria

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Lemon-Peach Sangria adds a delicate hint of fruity flavor to an old favorite.

Most people associate sangria with red wine and deep hearty fruits. White wine Sangria is a light, refreshing alternative to the heavier red Sangria, and fares well during the hot summer months. Lemon-Peach Sangria adds a delicate hint of fruity flavor without overpowering the gentle fruits already present in the wine.

Things You'll Need

  • Large pitcher
  • 2 bottles of Chardonnay
  • 1/4 cup of Peach liqueur
  • 1 large orange
  • 2 large lemons
  • 2 large limes
  • 4 fresh peaches
  • Large cutting board
  • Serrated knife
  • 1 container frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 1 can lemon-lime soda
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
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      Cut orange, lemons and limes into thin slices and set aside. Cut three of the peaches into slices and set aside. Slice one peach in half and discard the pit.

    • 2

      Pour frozen lemonade concentrate into pitcher. Squeeze the juice out of both halves of the peach into the pitcher. Discard peaches after they are juiced completely.

    • 3

      Add sugar to the concentrate mixture and stir to combine. Let sit for 10 minutes to allow the sugar to absorb into the concentrate.

    • 4

      Add two bottles of chardonnay to the pitcher, and add the peach liqueur as well. Stir until combined. Add all of the sliced fruit to the pitcher and gently stir.

    • 5

      Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and chill for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably overnight. Stir with wooden spoon and add container of lemon-lime soda immediately before serving. Leave the wooden spoon in pitcher to scoop fruit into wine glass, if desired.

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