How to Disassemble DLL on Linux


In the Windows family of operating systems, a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is an archive file containing any combination of code, data and other resources. A DLL typically provides a set of resources that have been segregated on a separate library as an architectural decision. Code in a DLL is in machine format; that is, as instructions directly executable by the computer's processor. Because machine code is not easily readable by humans, a disassembler utility can convert it into assembly language, which is easier to understand. You can disassemble the code in a DLL on your Linux computer.

  • Log in to the Linux computer as a user with read privileges for the DLL file. Start a command shell by logging in in text mode.

  • Navigate to the directory where the DLL file is, by typing the following command into the shell:

    cd /home/anitra/dlls

    Replace "/home/anitra/dlls" by the absolute path to the DLL's directory. Press "Enter."

  • Disassemble the code in the DLL by typing the following command into the shell:

    objdump -C --disassemble library.dll

    Replace "library.dll" with the name of the DLL file. Press "Enter." The "-C" option to "objdump" decodes low-level symbols into human-readable, user-level names. The output of "objdump" will be a complete disassemble of the code contents of the DLL file.

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