How to Bounce Back Into a New Job After Being Unemployed

Getting back into the swing of things after a long bout of unemployment can be difficult. If your career skills are rusty or you're nervous about re-entering the work force, you might be prone to anxiety or even a poor performance on the job. Starting at a new company is usually stressful enough without the added pressure of adjusting to a daily work life after being jobless for a long time. Prepare as early as you can to keep the time of your learning curve as short as possible.


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      Get familiar with the company culture at your new workplace. Settling into a new job can be much easier if you are up to speed on company policies, rules, dress codes and other aspects of day-to-day life in the office. Read any company manuals or training materials thoroughly. Have lunch with your new co-workers and ask questions that may help you learn about the company culture.

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      Remind yourself of your accomplishments. Make a list of your top five to 10 career achievements and read it when you are feeling overwhelmed at the new job. Being unemployed may cause feelings of inadequacy or you may feel unprepared for new challenges. Reminding yourself of your previous achievements can build confidence.

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      Plan your job goals for the next three months. Coming up with clear action steps for your new position can help give you the focus necessary for staying on-task. Whether it's learning a new software program or heading up an important client meeting, reaching those goals will prove your worth to the company and remind you of your ability to succeed.

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      Maintain balance. Starting at a new job after a long period of unemployment may inspire you to work harder than ever, but beware of burnout. Keep regular working hours and only work overtime if necessary. Make time for your other hobbies, personal interests and rest.

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