How to Widen Bars in Excel 2007

You can use the data stored in Excel 2007 spreadsheets to create charts and graphs for use independent of or in connection with the file. Although the program has pre-formatted appearances for charts and graphs, you have control over most of the options, such as colors and lines. You can also control the width of the bars that are in graphs by following a few steps.


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      Open the chart that contains the bars that you want to widen. Click once directly on the data series (bar) that you want to widen. Note that all of the bars in the data series will widen equally, regardless of which you select. This action will launch a separate pop-up window.

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      Click the "Format" tab and locate the "Current Selection" section. Click the "Format Selection" option.

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      Locate the "Gap Width Field in the "Series Options" section. Enter a value in the "Gap Width" field that is lower than the current value. For example if the current gap width is listed as 150, try 125 or 100. The lower the number, the wider the bars become. You may have to try a few different gap width settings until you find an appropriate width. Click "Close."

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