How to Beat Lloyd in Lohan for "The Legend of Dragoon"


In "The Legend of Dragoon," a classic role-playing game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and released in annual intervals across three different continents for the PlayStation, you play as Dart, a protagonist seeking vengeance after his parents were killed, his birth city destroyed and his childhood childhood friend kidnapped. Improve your attack, magic and defense skill levels on your journey to saving Shana. During your adventure, you compete in the Hero Contest against rival “Dragoons.” Defeat Lloyd in the final round to win the contest and come one step closer to becoming a true hero.

  • Walk into the tent and talk around to learn about the Hero Contest. Go to the desk and sign up.

  • After meeting and talking to Haschel, tell the man outside of the arena that you are ready to fight. (You'll have to do this for each round. Note that you'll start every round with maximum health points.)

  • Defeat Gorgaga, Serfius, Danton and Atlow to set up the final battle against Lloyd.

  • Battle Lloyd by choosing any form of attack you desire. Lloyd will constantly dodge each attack and respond with powerful attacks of his own. The best strategy to defeat Lloyd, as opposed to other competitors in the Hero Contest, is to equip one of your characters with the Talisman accessory, which prevents instant death (although Lloyd can kill your characters while in "Dragoon" mode, you can still use them). This will protect you from Lloyd's attacks. You can either use three Talismans if you have them, or "Dragoon" mode when your SP drops to 100, which will enable you to hit Lloyd, then evade his attack. Alternative strategies are to evade Lloyd's attack without taking too much damage, or to let Lloyd hit you while guarding, thus minimizing the damage he does to you.

  • Whichever strategy you choose, continuously guard against Lloyd's attacks and respond with your own. Although you can defeat Lloyd, you cannot kill him, so after a period of battle, the combat will automatically end. The key to the third strategy is to wait until your hitpoints are depleted while attacking and defending; the contest will still end without death for either competitor, and it's your survival that allows you to defeat Lloyd.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before entering the Hero Contest, it is highly recommended that you equip Dart with the "Bandit's Ring" so that he can attack more frequently during the contest. This is particularly important during the rounds preceding your fight with Lloyd.
  • In the final round against Lloyd, do not use magic items; they have no effect on Lloyd, so save your magic for enemies later in the game.

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