How to Calculate Composite Density


The composite density, or solution density, refers to the total density of a chemical mixture or composition of materials. Density is the mass of a substance per unit volume such as pounds per gallon. Every substance has an individual density which is dependent upon temperature. If multiple substances are mixed into a homogeneous solution, the composite or solution density can be found by multiplying each substance's density by its solution concentration.

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  • Determine the substances (species) to be mixed into a solution. For instance, 2 lb. of species A is added to 3 lb. of species B and 4 lb. of species C. The total solution mass is 9 lb. and the mass concentration (mass fraction) of each substance is 0.22 (A), 0.33 (B) and .045 (C). The sum of the mass fractions should always equal 1.0.

  • Determine the density of each component in the solution. For instance, species A has a density of 7.5 lb. per gallon, species B has a density of 8.3 lb. per gallon and species C has a density of 9.1 lb. per gallon.

  • Determine the solution density using the mass fractions and densities of each component. This is done with the equation (density A x 0.22) + (density B x 0.33) + (density C x 0.45). The answer is 8.484 lb. per gallon.


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