How to Put the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Together

Get your cat a drinking fountain to keep it from drinking out of your glass.
Get your cat a drinking fountain to keep it from drinking out of your glass. (Image: Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Good hydration prevents your pet from developing urinary problems or infections. Pet fountains can provide a source of flowing water that attracts pets to drink more than they usually would, according to the Doctors Foster and Smith website. Wash the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain with soap and water before its initial use, or after a weekly cleaning, so it operates correctly for your pet to enjoy.

Assemble the motor/pump by inserting the magnetic propeller into the propeller hole. The magnetic propeller has three, white plastic blades. Make sure the blades face outward. Snap the tear-shaped, black plastic stator over the propeller hole. Snap the black intake plate, with the attached flow-control knob, over the stator to attach it to the top of the pump.

Place the pump into the main white bowl of the fountain in the square space provided for it. The square space is surrounded by three, 1-inch posts on the right-hand side. The flow-control knob should face toward the front of the fountain. Secure the pump into the bowl by pushing down on it to attach the suction cups underneath.

Thread the cord from the back of the pump through the opening to the right of the motor. Tuck it under the notches provided underneath the bowl to hide it from view. Push the cord through the exit hole in the side of the fountain bowl, called the "cord pass through."

Place the intake tube over the pump, with the spigot facing toward the front of the bowl. The intake tube is found on the bottom of the filter housing unit. Line up the notches on the sides of the bowl with the tabs on the bottom of the filter housing. Press the housing down until you hear it click into place. Check from the back to see whether the intake tube is properly inserted into the pump.

Slide the charcoal filter, with the narrow side down, into the two triangular slots in the filter housing. Place the charcoal side facing toward the front of the fountain and the white, cloth side toward the back.

Slide the small, flat pre-filter behind the flow-control knob with the notched, narrow end facing downward and the lip on top of it facing toward the front of the fountain. Lower the pre-filter until the notch snaps into place.

Fill the fountain bowl and filter housing with water to prime the pump. Cover the filter housing with the matching housing lid, positioning the narrow end facing toward the front of the fountain.

Turn the reservoir upside-down and fill it with water. Screw on the reservoir cap. Quickly turn the reservoir right-side up and slide it into place at the back of the fountain, with the narrow side toward the back. The reservoir automatically equalizes the water level to 1/2 inch below the rim of the bowl.

Place the unit in the desired location on a flat surface. Attach the electrical plug to the inline-plug input wire coming out of the side of the bowl. Plug the unit into an outlet to begin operation and provide streaming water for your pet.

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