How to Make Myself Feel Beautiful After a Breakup


Making yourself feel beautiful after a breakup helps take your mind off the man you broke up with and raises your self-esteem at the same time. Wallowing in heartbreak won't make you feel better, but distracting yourself by spending time doing things you like or that make you feel pretty may help ease the pain. It may also assist you in meeting and finding love with someone else when you feel the time is right.

  • Cut your hair. Get that new haircut you've always wanted to try. Changing your hair from the way you had it when you were with your ex-boyfriend gives you the feeling of a clean slate. Make yourself feel even more beautiful with your new cut by getting your hair colored or highlighted. Depending on your hair type, you might feel like punk rock spikes, soft curls or an athletic braid.

  • Buy a new outfit. Wearing something pretty that you've never worn with your ex-boyfriend accomplishes two things. First, it makes you feel beautiful inside because you know you look beautiful on the outside. Second, the new outfit is mentally disconnected from him, as it's something you never wore on a date with him.

  • Get a spa treatment. Things like facials, body waxing, manicures and pedicures make you feel pampered and special.

  • Ask for a free makeover at a makeup counter. Many name-brand makeup providers offer free makeovers at the makeup counter in hopes that you will purchase some of the makeup used in your makeover. Plan to buy at least one item used in the makeover. This will not only make you feel beautiful, but it will give you a day off from doing your own makeup. Plus, your own makeup can feel drab or old if you wore it for your ex-boyfriend, so something new will help you feel more beautiful.

  • Invest in something fancy to sleep in. A beautiful silk nightgown may help you feel beautiful after breaking up.

Tips & Warnings

  • Beauty doesn't always come in the form of buying new things to wear or put on your body. Some women might feel more beautiful by working out with a female workout buddy or playing their favorite sport with friends.
  • Don't expect your outer beauty to fix your broken heart. Use these ideas instead to boost your self-esteem and serve as a distraction.


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