How to Kill Mimosa pudica


Mimosa pudica "Sleeping Grass" is a highly invasive weed found in tropical and temperate regions. Not to be confused with the mimosa tree, sleeping grass is actually a leafy herb. Its name comes from the plant's ability to fold its leaves in response to touch. Its prickly barbs can cause problems for both humans and livestock, and its ability to spread rapidly makes it notoriously difficult to eradicate. However, Mimosa pudica is highly sensitive to both picloram- and triclopyr-based pesticides.

Things You'll Need

  • Picloram- or triclopyr-based herbicide
  • Herbicide sprayer
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Breathing mask
  • Put on goggles, gloves and a breathing mask. Do not handle the herbicide without protection.

  • Wait for a calm day, if possible. Picloram- and triclopyr-based herbicides are generally nontoxic to humans and animals, but they can kill other plants in the area. It is best to spray when the wind is calm to prevent cross-spraying.

  • Load the sprayer with a picloram- or triclopyr-based broadleaf herbicide. Common brand names include Grazon PC, Tordon K and Access.

  • Spray the Mimosa pudica in a methodical pattern, always spraying in front of you. Spray as far from the leaf as your sprayer will allow, and try to spray areas before you get near them, because proximity will cause the leaves to close up, keeping them from getting saturated with herbicide.

  • Wait 90 days, then repeat as necessary.

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