How to Draw Couples Kissing


Capture the romantic moment of kissing in art form. Drawing couples kissing requires an ability to draw the human head and properly show its interaction with another head when people kiss. A knowledge of how the lips lock when people kiss is helpful. The actual experience of kissing does not hurt either. Images of people kissing are often used in comics or other visual storytelling. Kissing images are not simply portraits, but are scenes where two subjects come together to tell a story that engages the emotions of viewers.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Reference
  • Decide on the angle from which the kiss will be shown. Will the kiss be viewed from the side for a profile view, or will it be from behind one of the kisser's heads? Draw circles for the couples' heads. Make the circles appear three-dimensional by drawing curved center lines "around" them. Draw a horizontal center line and a vertical center line. Draw eyes on the horizontal center line and noses on the vertical one. Create one more horizontal center line just below the bottom of the nose. Place the lips on this line.

  • Create you kissing couple by observing and/or participating in the act. Kissing scenes are often a combination of a face viewed from above and a face viewed from below, which is stated in the book, "How to Draw Manga: Couples." This is almost always true, because in order to kiss someone, you must usually turn your head to one side in order to avoid bumping noses with the other person. Draw one of your heads upright, and then draw the other to one side. This is not as evident in the straight profile view, but it is still seen because one person’s nose always appears to be in front of the other’s.

  • Draw the lips interlocked properly by adhering to one basic rule – when kissing, the top and bottom lips of one person are never seen at the same time. When viewed from a fixed point, you can only see one lip for each person. Draw the top lip of a girl and you will have to draw the bottom lip of the guy. The face of the girl blocks the view to the top lip of the guy. Also, only one fully viewed nose can be drawn, because the other will be hidden. Use a photo reference or take a photo of a kiss of yourself and your significant other.

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