How to Survive Divorce & Custody

The process of getting a divorce can be long and difficult and other times it can be quick and easy. Regardless of the divorce process, dealing with life after divorce and custody arrangements is taxing for many people. Having the strength to move past everything that has happened as well as prepare for your new life does not happen over night. You must allow your self to have a support system as well as be mentally and emotionally strong to help you survive divorce and custody.


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      Want to heal. You have to decide that you are ready to move past all the negative of what has happened and that you truly want move on. Do not harp on what happened or hold on to hostile feelings. Decide to let go.

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      Remove your ex spouse from your life emotionally and physically as much as possible. Do not allow them to have an effect over you emotionally. Do not reflect on good times and do not dwell on the negative things that occurred. Keep your physical interaction minimal and cordial for the children when sharing custody.

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      Remember "things could be worse." This divorce and custody arrangement is not the end of your world. This is something that does not seem obvious at first but you will come to learn that life after divorce is not only possible, it can be amazing.

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      Get active. Join a book club or get a gym membership. Start a project at home that you can really get into. Not only will it take your mind off of the negative in your life it will give you new purposes in life. Joining a group is also a great way to get back into the dating world by meeting new people.

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      Open yourself up to support and new love interests. Do not shut yourself out from the world. Allow your friends and family to cheer you up. Get out meet new people. Feeling like you can start a new relation may take awhile but it can never happen unless you are emotionally available and ready to let people in.

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