How to Train a Siamese Kitten

Siamese are talkative and sensitive cats that respond well to positive reinforcement.
Siamese are talkative and sensitive cats that respond well to positive reinforcement. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

When you think of training, you might be more likely to think of dogs than cats. In truth, some of the same training techniques can work for your Siamese kitten as well. Siamese cats are vocal and sociable. They crave interaction with and affection from humans. Positive reinforcement training methods can help you capitalize on your Siamese kitten’s friendly personality and give you a chance to show her appropriate behaviors (such as scratching up her post and not your furniture).

Train your Siamese kitten just before mealtime. This is when the promise of treats will motivate her the most. Siamese (like other cats) appreciate affection but aren’t as motivated by it as they are by food. Keep treats on hand at all times.

Teach your cat new behaviors by rewarding him with treats. For example, you can train your Siamese kitten to come by calling to him. Use his name or the ever popular “here kitty kitty.” Have a treat waiting and reward him as soon as he comes.

Reinforce instinctive behaviors by rewarding those behaviors as well. Your Siamese kitten probably loves to scratch, but if you want to limit her claws to a scratching post, throw her a snack every time you see her at her scratching post. If you catch her scratching elsewhere, pick her up and remove her from the spot. Don't punish her or you will scare her.

Teach your Siamese “tricks” by reinforcing behaviors you enjoy. Siamese cats are vocal. They love to communicate by meowing at their owners. If you want to encourage this, talk to your Siamese and reward him for “talking” back. Ignore meowing if you’d rather your Siamese not do it. Look for other behaviors your kitten may suddenly show off (such as sitting up and begging like a dog) that you can reward with treats. This will condition your Siamese kitten to keep performing these “tricks.”

Avoid punishing your Siamese kitten for causing trouble. Siamese can be sensitive cats and can become fearful if you scold or punish them. This can lead your kitten to avoid you entirely. If this happens, your social Siamese may feel isolated and depressed.

Slowly wean your Siamese kitten off of treats (aside from the occasional snack) to avoid unhealthy weight gain. Wait until your kitten reliably shows the behavior you want, then gradually cut back on treats. Reward your Siamese with affection instead. It may not be as coveted a prize as a snack, but this social cat will settle for the attention.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reward your kitten as he is displaying a desired behavior. If you wait too long, your Siamese won't know what you are rewarding him for. He will assume the treat is for whatever he is doing at the time.

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