How to Get to Saffron City in "Pokemon Leaf Green"

A remake of the original 1996 "Pokemon Blue," "Pokemon LeafGreen" was released in 2004 for the Gameboy Advance. In "Pokemon LeafGreen," the player assumes the role of a Pokemon trainer who travels the "Kanto" region training and battling companion animals. There are several major cities in the game with a variety of resources and challenges for the player, including city gyms where players must battle leaders to advance in the game. Saffron City is one of the largest cities in "Pokemon LeafGreen" and is the central business district in the game.


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      Go to the "Celadon Mansion," next to the department store in Celadon City. Speak to the old woman inside to receive tea.

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      Travel east on Route 7 from Celadon City.

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      Speak to the thirsty guard near the end of the route and give him the tea. He will give you permission to enter Saffron City. Continue past the guards to enter the city.

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