DIY Removable Dance Poles


Pole dancing is an art form that stretches back several centuries, across many cultures. African women would dance on "maypoles" as a ritual to display fertility. During the great depression, traveling side shows would present dancers on poles, performing artistic, erotic dances. While the dance pole may carry an "adult entertainment" stigma, the pole is often overlooked as a tool for exercise purposes -- one that incorporates nearly all the muscles of the core, upper and lower body at once. You can build a removable dance pole with a quick visit to your local home improvement store.

Things You'll Need

  • Plywood sheet
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Wood screw anchor bolts
  • Metal conduit pipe
  • Sand paper
  • Metal conduit base (2)
  • Metal conduit threaded coupler (2)
  • Ball bearing six-inch lazy susan
  • Cut a square plywood panel to 17 by 17 inches. This plate will secure to the rafter beams, which are spaced 16 inches apart, center to center. You'll need to bolt into these to ensure the pole remains in place during lateral loads.

  • Place a conduit base in the center of the plywood plate, drill through the holes in the conduits base, through the plywood. Bolt the base into place.

  • Drill through the plywood plate and into the ceiling and finally into the rafter beam. Make four holes, one on each corner, about 1/2 inch from the edges. Swap your drill bit for a screw bit and drive the wood screw anchor bolts into the rafter beams, securing the plywood to the ceiling. Screw a threaded conduit coupler into the ceiling mounted conduit base. Grease the inside of the coupler.

  • Cut out two 6 by 6 inch plywood squares which will later make the base of the pole. Bolt the lazy susan ball bearing system to one plywood square and the conduit base to the other. Screw the threaded coupler into the conduit base, insert the conduit pipe and send a bolt through the pipe and coupler the secure them to each other. This is considered the "fixed" portion of the pole.

  • Place the lazy susan plywood square face up (ball bearing up), beneath the ceiling mounted portion of the apparatus. Slide the fixed portion of the pole over the top of the bearings while simultaneously slipping the top end of the pole into the ceiling mounted coupler. Your dance pole is now installed, can spin freely and is well secured. Finally, sand the pole to remove any metal burrs before using the pole.


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