How to Catch Shinys in "Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions"

Finding a shiny Pokemon in "Pokemon HeartGold" and "SoulSilver" is like finding treasure, with only a one in 8,192 chance you will encounter any during the game. Although Shiny Pokemon are hard to find and considered special, there is nothing to differentiate them from normal Pokemon, except for their appearance.


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      Go to any location where you can find wild Pokemon, such as in the water, caves or grass patches. Walk around until a battle begins. If the Pokemon you see does not have its normal coloring, it is a shiny Pokemon. Throw a Poke Ball to capture it. This is the most difficult method of finding a shiny Pokemon, with odds at one in 8,192 of success.

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      Breed Pokemon of two different nationalities together. This is done by receiving a Pokemon in a trade that came from a different country, like Japan. Bring the Pokemon to a Pokemon Day Care to breed them. With this method, the odds of the Pokemon laying an egg with a shiny Pokemon are reduced to just one in 2,048.

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      Get your PokeRadar and travel to a grassy area where patches of the grass are shaking. Use a Max Repel, since you only want to battle the Pokemon in the shaking grass.

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      Walk into the shaking grass and defeat the Pokemon there. Look at the PokeRadar to find more shaking grass in the area. Continue entering the grass and fighting Pokemon. If the Max Repel wears off, use another. As you chain battles, you have increasingly better chances of seeing a shiny Pokemon. The maximum chain you can have is 40.

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      Look for a patch of glowing grass. If you see this, a shiny Pokemon is in the grass. Walk into the patch of grass to battle and capture the Pokemon.

Tips & Warnings

  • Shiny Pokemon are in high demand. Many people are willing to trade valuable items via Nintendo Wi-Fi to get a shiny Pokemon.
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