How to Disable Microsoft Silverlight

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Microsoft Silverlight is an Internet-based plug-in designed to present interactive content over Web browsers. Silverlight enables the display of dynamic and animated features that range from applications to online surveys to movie streaming. The application is periodically updated to support any Web browser changes and/or innovations. You can disable Silverlight at any time for privacy or performance reasons.

Internet Explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer. Click Tools and select Internet Options.

  • Click the Programs tab. Launch the "Manage Add-ons" section.

  • Go to the Toolbars and Extensions tab from the left pane. Click the Show drop-down menu and select "All Add-ons.'

  • Highlight Microsoft Silverlight, and then click "Disable."

  • Click "Close" followed by "OK" to exit the menu in question and effectively disable Microsoft Silverlight.


  • Launch the Firefox browser. Click Tools and select "Add-ons."

  • Go to the Plugins tab from the left pane.

  • Highlight the "Silverlight Plug-in" and click "Disable."

  • Close the "Add-ons" window to save all changes.




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