How to Get Rid of Woodlice in the Home


Woodlice are small crustaceans that generally prefer to live in the outdoors, in dark and damp conditions, so you should be wary when you start to find them in your home. Although not actually dangerous, woodlice in the home are indicative that you are living in unhygienic conditions or that you have serious wood fatigue caused by damp conditions. You should look to remove the woodlice, and also treat the factors causing the woodlice to become attracted to your home.

  • Clean out the gutter on your roof. If it is not draining properly and is creating excess moisture, this could attract woodlice to your home. Use your gloved hands to remove any gunk and look for blockages.

  • Remove anything that could be considered a good spot for woodlice around your home. These perfect homes for woodlice could include things such as moldy wood and carpeting. The farther these things are away from your home, the better.

  • Use an electronic pulse to drive woodlice out of your home. This is a simple plug-in unit that sends out a silent signal that will cause woodlice to flee your home. You can buy these units online, and they are reasonably inexpensive.

  • Use a chemical killer for woodlice you can buy at a home improvement store or online. This is a more lethal solution, but if you don't mind having to clean up the occasional dead woodlouse, it's a viable answer to the problem.

Tips & Warnings

  • Electronic pulse deterrents for woodlice claim not to be harmful to household pets. But if you are worried about that prospect, you may wish to use another method.

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