How to Level Fast in "Borderlands" on Xbox 360


All four characters in "Borderlands" gain additional abilities as they increase in level. Missions tend to be the main source of experience, but there are a few instances where relatively easy enemies reward large amounts of experience. There is also a new game plus mode that raises the level of enemies, allowing each enemy to give more experience when killed. The normal level cap for "Borderlands" is 50. Players with "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx" DLC can reach level 61.

  • Complete the missions given to you until you are about level 15 and get the Shock Crystal Harvest mission. The mission path is easy to follow over the entire game, so locating mission givers is never an issue. Due to the huge variance in characters, ability builds, random equipment drops and player skill, the easiest order to do quests can vary significantly.

  • Complete the Shock Crystal Harvest quest. The area you are in to complete it is the Lost Caves.

  • Kill Larva Crab Worms inside the Lost Caves until you are approximately level 20.

  • Continue completing missions until you reach the end of the storyline. You should easily be above level 30 at this point purely by the mission rewards.

  • Start a new game. The new game plus option opens up after you beat the story missions. Choose the option to start a second playthrough with your previous character, including all equipment. Enemies start at level 30, as well.

  • Complete the missions again for experience rewards.

  • Kill Guardians in the Eridian Promontory until you reach level 50. It becomes less worthwhile to kill them after this point. If you do not have "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx," this is the highest level you can attain.

  • Complete the missions from "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx" DLC until you reach the point you are required to kill Crawmerax.

  • Kill the Craw Maggots, Armored Crab Worms and Green Crab Worms you encounter during this mission, but do not go and kill Crawmerax. All three give massive amounts of experience and respawn infinitely as long as Crawmerax is still alive. These enemies each have a specific weakness. Use shock weapons on Craw Maggots. Use corrosive weapons on Armored Crab Worms. Use incendiary weapons on Green Crab Worms.

Tips & Warnings

  • Equip items with +Experience mods on them to increase the rate of leveling. Do not sacrifice too much effectiveness on your equipment to increase experience gain. It is not worthwhile to get 20 percent more experience if it takes you twice as long to kill enemies.
  • Completing challenges provide a significant amount of extra experience points. However, there is no need to focus on actually completing them. Almost all of them are tasks you already do as part of the game, such as killing enemies or picking up items. The remaining ones are so inconvenient that they are not worthwhile to do if your main concern is leveling up quickly.
  • Most character abilities in "Borderlands" only give percentage boosts to your character's abilities. This means that equipment is still more important. Being a higher level may not provide a significant benefit if your equipment is outdated.

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