How to Use Deer Cane


Deer Cane is a mineral-based deer attractant, produced by Evolved Harvest. As with other mineral supplements or attractants, the product seeks to provide deer with an easy location from which they can acquire salt and other important minerals, which are important for good health. By placing such attractants in well-chosen locations – preferably within shooting distance of your deer stand – you can see, and therefore harvest, more deer.

Selecting a Site

  • Evolved Harvest recommends placing the attractant in a concealed location, about 10 feet away from a well-used game trail. This is preferable to placing the attractant directly on a game trail, as the new scent may spook resident deer. Additionally, as the location may become quite popular among the local deer, who may eventually create a large wallow at the site, placing it directly on the trail may cause the deer to ruin the trail.

Using the Product

  • You should bring the dry mix into the field with you, rather than mixing it at home. Dump the mix in a 5-gallon bucket mostly filled with water, and stir in the Deer Cane. Try to use a natural, rather than municipal, water source to avoid imparting chlorine odors to the solution. Clear away the vegetation to form a 4-foot-diameter circle and pour the mix into the soil.

Reapplication and Renewal

  • Over time, some of the minerals will leach into the surrounding soil, thereby reducing the scent’s strength. Reapply the solution every 30 to 60 days to keep the scent fresh. The scent lasts longer when applied to clay-heavy soils than it does when applied to sandy soils.

Ultraviolet Additives

  • Some versions of Deer Cane – such as Deer Cane Apple, which adds an applelike scent to the minerals – feature additional attractants, besides the minerals. These scents are added to increase the attractive value of the product. Additionally, Evolved Harvest has designed some of these products to glow in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, which, as is not the case with humans, deer can perceive.

Important Considerations

  • Always be sure to follow all local laws and regulations when using Deer Cane, as some areas restrict the use of attractants or baits. Be sure to obtain landowner permission before using the product on land that you do not own. Additionally, consider the safety of the other hunters using the property, and avoid placing the attractant near human access trails or near deer stands.

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