How to Lose Mid-Stomach Fat

You look in the mirror and the first thing you notice is the fat in your mid-stomach area. The many crunches and sit-ups you have been doing have not paid off because your belly fat is still present. If this scenario sounds familiar, you are doing something wrong. Maybe you haven't adjusted your diet correctly, or maybe the type of exercise you are doing is insufficient to get the results you desire.


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      Start a calorie-controlled diet. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories, to accumulate a total deficit of 3,500 calories in a week. There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat, so you will lose one pound a week.

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      Eat healthy foods so you still get the nutrients your body needs to function as you reduce your body fat. Eat vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, beans, nuts, lean meat, eggs, fish, poultry and whole grains. Avoid saturated fats that raise your cholesterol. Consume healthy monounsaturated fatty acids found in avocados and olive oil. Ban sugar and fried and fatty foods.

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      Work out for one hour per day. Incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your lifestyle to help make up your daily caloric deficit. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories which helps to burn fat from your entire body. Once your body fat lowers, your stomach fat also will reduce. Ride a bike or go jogging or swimming. Take up group sports or exercise with a friend for extra motivation and to avoid boredom. Purchase home-exercise DVDs for days that you don't feel like leaving the house.

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      Take up strength training. Lift weights or use your body weight for resistance. Strength training helps maintain and build muscle tissue which stimulates your metabolism so that you lose fat and hold onto lean muscle tissue. Train all parts of your body on three non-consecutive days of the week.

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      Undergo liposuction if you desire an instant reduction of mid-stomach fat. Consult your doctor about the risks and costs associated with liposuction before undergoing the procedure.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your doctor before taking on a new exercise and diet regimen.
  • Perform abdominal exercises such as crunches, elbow-to-knee crunches and reverse crunches. Abdominal exercises do not reduce belly fat, but they tone the stomach muscles beneath your belly fat. Once your belly fat is gone, the toned muscles will emerge. Train your stomach muscles three days of the week with one rest day in between each training session.
  • Keep your stress levels low by meditating, breathing deeply and getting eight hours of sleep each night. High stress triggers the production of cortisol in your body. The Natural Health Website for Women states that cortisol is linked to fat-gain around the middle.
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