How to Find the Missing Plug-ins for Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader offers a browser plug-in to let you view PDF files in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Although useful, it contains an error that makes it occasionally disappear from browsers -- Firefox in particular -- when you try to enable it. To display the missing plug-in, you have to reset it in the Adobe Reader preferences.


    • 1

      Quit your Web browser.

    • 2

      Open "Adobe Reader."

    • 3

      Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu, and click the "Internet" tab.

    • 4

      Unselect "Display PDF in Browser" and click "OK." If it is already not selected, you can skip this step.

    • 5

      Return to the "Internet" tab, but this time select "Display PDF in Browser" and click "OK."

    • 6

      Open your Web browser again. Toggling the Reader preferences will have fixed the issue.

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