How to Survive Boring Days at School


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a study in search of reasons students quit school. Almost half of the 470 students interviewed expressed boredom in school, while another two-thirds felt their schools were too lax, leaving students anxious to find more stimulation in their lives. Unfortunately, this mind frame leaves a tremendous number of capable students without a high school diploma. If you feel bored in school, there are several things you can do to channel your energy and stimulate your mind in ways that will keep you enthusiastic about school and focused on achieving a high school diploma.

  • Eat small portions of healthy snacks throughout the day. While you may not be allowed to eat in the classroom, you may have the opportunity to get a few bites of a nutrition bar or sips from you water bottle at your locker between classes. If teachers allow you to take food in their classrooms, bring an apple or other healthy snack to munch on. Traditional school days include one lunchtime intended to soothe a student's appetite in order to continue with the rest of the day, but you may find that you are hungry long before or after your scheduled lunch. When you are hungry, your brain cannot function at its best. Even so, avoid sugary or high-carb foods, such as candy, muffins, sugary cereals and white bread. While these foods may give instant satisfaction and a sudden burst of energy, the after-effects of these low-nutrition foods will ultimately leave you even more drained and unable to focus. Fruits, raw vegetables, protein bars and nuts are examples of healthy snacks that will keep you more alert and enthusiastic about long school days.

  • Choose a seat at the front of the classroom. If seating is assigned and you happen to be toward the back of the room, ask your teacher if you can be moved to the front of the room. Explain to your teacher that you feel as though you are losing focus sitting further away. Most teachers will respect and admire your wish to be more attentive and involved from a closer distance. Sitting in the front of the classroom means less distractions because rather than being tempted to look out the window or naturally looking at other students in the class who may be doodling or drifting, the teacher is right in front of you.

  • Take creative notes. Even taking notes can become boring during the school day, but add some creativity to this duty and you may find yourself enjoying the lesson even more. For example, draw unique stars next to key points rather than just a normal asterisk. If you are a good artist, draw a picture of the situation you are learning about during times that word-for-word note taking is not essential. This will subconsciously help you to remember the lesson while keep you actively thinking about and processing the information the teacher is providing.


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