How to Balance pH in the Mouth


According to Dr. Dalia, 90 percent of all living cells in our bodies are not human cells; they are bacteria, fungus and microbes. One of the key factors in maintaining a balanced pH in the mouth is controlling the intake of alkaline and acidic content. The pH is the measurement of alkaline and acidic ions. A pH of zero through six is acidic. A pH of eight through fourteen is alkaline. A pH of seven is neutral. (See reference 1)

Things You'll Need

  • pH Litmus paper
  • Monitor the diet. The types of foods that are eaten can determine the level of pH in the mouth. Foods that are high in acidity or alkaline can shift the balance of the mouth. (See reference 2)

    Check pH balance of the mouth by using pH litmus paper. The paper will indicate the level of acid or alkaline based on a color scale. A balanced pH in the mouth makes for a healthy mouth. (See reference 3)

  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake to balance a pH with too much alkaline. Examples of recommended fruit and vegetables include sprouts, herbs and cereal grasses. Don't drink while eating, this will allow the regular digestive juices to balance the pH in the mouth. (See reference 2)

  • Increase the intake of alkaline foods if the mouth's pH is too acidic. Soak highly acidic foods in water before preparing them for consumption. This will bring down the acidity of the food. Chew the food thoroughly to allow the saliva to break apart the acidity of the food. Examples of alkaline foods include grain, nuts, beans and animal protein. (See reference 2)

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