How to Write a Comparative Thesis


The thesis of any written paper is the main point of the paper. It is usually placed at the end of the introductory paragraph or near the end if it is not the last sentence. Creating the thesis is a vital part of organizing and writing a paper. When the paper is a comparative paper between different items or ideas, the thesis must clearly show what you are comparing, the differences and the similarities that make it comparable and your point in the essay; for example, two different people have a similar view on one topic, or two pesticides kill the same insects but differ in how they react to the environment.

  • Write your main ideas relating to the comparison. For example, if your research about the two items, ideas or people being compared show surprising similarities, give the similarities and proofs relating to the similarities. If two similar items, ideas or people are different, describe the differences. Make a note of where the subject differs and where it is the same. Determine how the two comparisons relate to each other, such as having the same purpose, having the same idea or having the same job.

  • Provide potential arguments. For example, if you are comparing two similar products, you examine what differences they have, so you want to describe the differences and potential points of proof. Select proof that has at least two to three separate points to prove the point.

  • Write a statement about the comparison that gives a fact and a lead into the comparison. For example, you might write that politician A and politician B are extremely different in their political views. This is a fact about the topic. If you are comparing two similar items, your statement might say something like sunblock 1 and sunblock 2 are both water and sweat resistant sun protection.

  • Make your point. The point of the comparison essay is to show differences and similarities. For example, if you are writing about the politicians who are different, you might say they have different political views, but they are similar in their views of harassment in the workplace. This is a bold statement telling what your essay is about. In the case of two similar beauty products, you might say that one product is superior to the other in the thesis or that one product is superior in a specific aspect.


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