How to Increase Height After Age 22

Being short may affect your self-esteem.
Being short may affect your self-esteem. (Image: Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Women can easily increase their height by putting on a pair of high heels. For a man, it's not that easy. Those few inches you're lacking can affect your self-esteem. After puberty, your body produces less human growth hormone and your growth significantly slows down. If you feel you haven't grown to your full potential, there are things you can do as an adult to promote growth, ranging from changing the shoes you wear to undergoing surgery.

Perform stretching exercises up to 20 minutes daily. Stretching exercises lengthen your spine and thicken the cartilage that supports your spine, legs and arms. According to, stretching exercises can increase your height up to three inches. Perform exercises such as the leg stretch. Sit on the floor with your legs spread into a "V" shape. Reach for your feet and hold onto your toes. Turn your upper body to the right side and bring your head as close as possible to your right knee. Keep your spine straight and avoid arching your back. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds before switching sides.

Perform the cat stretch. Get down on all fours. Inhale and curve your spine inward and exaggerate the curvature of your back. Hold this position for five seconds. Exhale and round your back upward as much as you can. Hold this stretch for five seconds.

Consult your doctor about receiving human-growth-hormone injections. Human-growth-hormone production is reduced as you mature. By supplementing your body's natural human growth hormone, you increase bone density and muscle mass and can add inches to your frame.

Purchase elevator shoes. Elevator shoes have a heightened sole built into them. They can add two to five inches to your frame. Because the soles are built into the shoes, no one will be able to tell that your height is not really your own.

Place height-increasing insoles in your shoes. These soles can be switched from one pair of shoes to another. They come in a variety of heights and can add up to two inches to your frame.

Undergo limb-lengthening surgery. During limb-lengthening surgery, the bones in the lower legs are broken and separated, and tissue starts growing to reconnect them. Only your legs get longer from this surgery, not your entire body.

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