Siberian Husky Diets & How to Feed Them

Learn how to feed your Siberian Husky the proper diet to meet its nutritional needs
Learn how to feed your Siberian Husky the proper diet to meet its nutritional needs (Image: Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images)

More than157 different dog breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club, ranging from the small Chihuahua to the large Bull Mastiff. With such a variety of sizes, it stands to reason a Siberian husky will have special needs because of its weight, muscle density, and temperament. Huskies are strong animals with a reputation for power, but surprisingly do not eat as much as other dogs their size. Managing your husky's diet doesn't take a lot of special effort, just watch your dog's habits and adjust its feedings accordingly.

Ask your breeder what he has been feeding your puppy. Dogs find it difficult when their food is changed quickly. Your breeder will have some wisdom about the nutritional needs of huskies, so stick with the diet they've been eating for at least a few days and ease them into their new diet slowly. Be sure to ask about the frequency of their feedings.

Feed your puppy in the early morning, early afternoon and in the evenings. As the puppy grows older, he will start to switch himself to eating two times a day. You can allow him to free-feed or put down a bowl at a specific time -- it's whatever works best for you and your dog.

Remember that, pound for pound, Siberians eat less food than most dogs. Therefore don't overfeed them by adding more food to their bowl than is recommended. Giving a puppy too much food will cause diarrhea.

Buy a reputable dog food with a puppy formula. This should work well for any husky. You can mix in some wet dog food and feed your husky twice a day, or you can allow the dog to free-feed. Buy a "performance" dog food for working huskies, and a "maintenance" food for dogs that are primarily pets.

Switch your husky to an adult diet at 18 months. Be sure to change their food slowly so as to get them adjusted to their new diet. Research has shown that keeping a dog too long on puppy food increases the risk of hip dysplasia, so be sure and switch your dog to adult food as soon as they reach maturity.

Refrain from feeding your husky table scraps. This will throw them off their established diet and might cause them to become finicky eaters. A dog treat early in the morning and in the afternoon is completely acceptable.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not let the power of the Siberian husky's jaws fool you: It is still a bad idea to feed any dogs chicken bones no matter how soft. They can splinter in the dog's intestines and cause intestinal bleeding.

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